Medical Tort Reform is Here!

Medical Tort Reform is Here!

February 17, 2023

“Today, Iowa joins the majority of U.S. states by enacting commonsense medical malpractice reform that places a reasonable cap on non-economic damages,” stated Governor Reynolds. “Protecting our health care system from out-of-control verdicts promotes access to care in communities across our state and better positions us to recruit the best and brightest physicians to Iowa.” 

Medical tort reform legislation was successfully passed this week by both the Iowa House and Senate. This achievement was the result of many years, if not decades, of effort. The legislation aims to create a welcoming environment for medical practitioners in Iowa while also ensuring that people's rights to proper compensation are protected. The amended bill increases the liability cap for hospitals to $2 million, while keeping the cap for doctors at $1 million. In addition, a medical review task force will be established to suggest ways to decrease medical error rates, improve education and training, and assess whether penalties for medical errors and physician licensure review measures are adequate. The 2023 Physician Day on the Hill, organized by the Iowa Medical Society, saw over 100 physicians, medical students, and residents advocating for tort reform. It was undoubtedly the collective effort of these individuals that contributed to the success of the bill's passage. Overall, it was an outstanding day that culminated in an even more excellent week!

This historic initiative has been many years in the making, and we are grateful to every single IMS member, and friend of medicine for their grassroots advocacy to help make this day possible.”

   - Scott Truhlar, MD - Radiologic Medical Services, PC, Coralville

A special thank you to Governor Kim Reynolds for her steadfast leadership to help improve access to healthcare throughout Iowa, and thank you to our 6,000 plus physicians, residents, and medical students who have been on this journey with us. What a day for patients and physicians in Iowa!

   - Christina Taylor, MD - Iowa Clinic, West Des Moines

“This is such a victory for all of us, particularly our younger and future physicians, nurse practitioners, Physician Assistants and allied health workers. But mostly, it's a victory for the people of Iowa, whose very real threat of losing healthcare has been greatly, greatly diminished.”   

   - Bryan Graveline, MD - McFarland Clinic, Ames

“This landmark legislation will make Iowa a welcoming home for physicians to live, work, and serve their communities.”

   - Steve Churchill, IMS CEO