Sales Executive - Heath Lichty

Sales Executive - Heath Lichty

June 12, 2019


Personal Lines Sales Executive Heath Lichty grew up in a small community in north-central Nebraska. "What I appreciated most about growing up in a small community was the feeling that we all knew each other and you could always find a helping hand. That helping hand is what I strive to be for each of my clients." When Heath was in college, he had the opportunity to listen to a seasoned insurance professional speak about the impact he has had on his clients' lives. "What really resonated with me about this speaker was that he got to work so closely with families and build relationships with them. That's something not everyone knows about insurance, the expertise and protection we provide our clients is so crucial in some of the worst times in their lives." Heath has received a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Business Administration from Midland University in Fremont, Nebraska. He has been in the insurance industry for nine years and with The Koch Co. for the last six. 

Why Personal Lines?

Our Personal Lines team, unlike any other at The Koch Co., works directly with individuals to provide sufficient coverage of all of the possessions most important to them. These products include home and renters, auto, watercraft, umbrella, and other valuables. "What I always try to preach to clients is that I hope they never have to use our products, but when they do they rely on us to take away the financial stress so that they can focus on the emotional stress. That unique relationship allows our team to get to know the client and build stronger bonds with each other." When it comes to being a Sales Executive specifically, the ability to work in a team environment but still maintaining a competitive mindset to win over new business is just as important as building relationships with clients. "The team I get to work with everyday is unmatched. Whatever the day throws at us, each of us know that we have a strong support system behind us." All of the departments within The Koch Co. allow for collaboration and relationship building with both fellow associates and clients, but the daily interactions about personal matters is what allows client relationships in Personal Lines to stand apart from the rest.

Why Harry A. Koch Co.?

“Working for Koch, which has such a strong reputation in our community, motivates you to always be your best. With a name this strong, clients already have an expectation of receiving the highest customer service, and it’s my job to meet or surpass those expectations. As a Sales Executive, our ability to exceed high expectations is an important tool to have in your pocket and tends to give us the upper hand when competing for new business." Heath's passion for helping and collaborating with others is what makes him a strong Sales Executive here at The Koch Co. Take a look at the link to his Business Page below to learn more about the extensive knowledge he brings to our company or to learn more about the products and services we provide.

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