Summer Fun: Millard Public Schools Foundation’s Kids Network

Summer Fun: Millard Public Schools Foundation’s Kids Network

July 30, 2020

2020 has proven to be a unique and challenging year, but the Millard Public Schools Foundation’s Summer Kids Network program has been able to provide kids with a safe and fun experience. The Harry A. Koch Co., along with Nationwide, was able to sponsor three elements of this year’s program; enhanced onsite experiences, health and safety, and programming.

Health & Safety

A healthy and safe experience has always been important for the Kids Network’s summer program. This year, with the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, health and safety looked different. Some of the new safety measures included additional cleaning and sanitizing, using face coverings, and creating smaller group sizes. As with any new routine everyone was learning, but with the supplies they needed and clearly laid out plans and checklists the process worked. 

"It is such a privilege still being able to work with the kids and have it in a safe environment." -Kids Network Staff Member

Staff Members & Parents

The leaders and staff of Kids Network worked hard this spring to prepare for the summer program with the new guidelines and safety protocols. Because of their planning and preparation over 100 staff members were able to return to work this summer.

“As a staff member I can say that it has been great to be working again.  I missed being with the kids so much.  Even though it has been a different summer it has been a fun one with lots of laughter.”- Kids Network Staff Member

The uniqueness of this year provided new opportunities for interaction. The group sizes were smaller allowing them to get to know each other, and technology for virtual tours created new ways to explore together.

“From a staff perspective, it’s interesting to work with a small group, which is totally different than what we are used to, and then see the way kids interact in this small setting. It’s fun having an opportunity to be involved with them. Kids have really seemed to build a community with each other.” - Missy Johnson, Staff Member

While the children and staff had fun, Kids Network was able to provide parents the opportunity to return to work and the safety protocols helped parents balance the difficult decision.

“The safety measures that Kids Network put in place were the deciding factor in our choice to send our kids to their summer program.” -Tim Simonds, Parent

“With both parents being essential workers, the Kids Network summer program has been a lifesaver!” -Shannon Lensing, Parent


Another important part of Kids Network is having fun! The Koch Co. was excited to see all the fun things the groups did over the summer. (You can see too by following Millard Public Schools Foundation on social media!) Kids are creative, they really loved the edible art activity because it was a hands-on treat! And don’t forget one of our favorites; the Kona Ice truck!

We can’t believe it’s the end of the program and almost the end of summer already!