Welcome to the FNIC Team!

Welcome to the FNIC Team!

August 17, 2023

We're pleased to welcome Sales Executives Joey Mumaugh, Vagas Mathiesen, and Stephanie Diaz de Leon to the Omaha and Lincoln teams. 

Joey Mumaugh is a Sales Executive specializing in Personal Insurance where he designs and implements risk management programs for his clients, ensuring their comprehensive protection. Joey thrives in an environment where change is constant. No two days are ever the same in this dynamic industry. However, what Joey finds most rewarding about his job is the opportunity to continually learn and assist individuals in finding solutions that meet their needs and ultimately safeguard their families.

“FNIC cares about their employees”, says Joey Mumaugh, “and they care about the people we serve, I see those values every day.”

Vagas Mathiesen is a Sales Executive focusing on insurance for the agriculture and transportation industries. Vagas has established himself as a knowledgeable professional in the insurance industry. He carefully reviews his clients' risk management programs and offers recommendations based on their situation. He leverages his relationships and experience to construct tailor-made insurance solutions that address their unique needs.

"FNIC is a really good fit for me and that makes it an even better fit for my clients,” shared Vagas Mathiesen. “The markets and relationships that FNIC has with insurance companies lead to better options for everyone involved."

Stephanie Diaz de Leon is a results-driven Employee Benefits Sales Executive. With a diverse background in the non-profit sector and the insurance industry, Stephanie has consistently demonstrated her exceptional relationship-building skills, strong communication abilities, and an unwavering commitment to personal growth and development. She finds fulfillment in educating individuals about insurance and empowering them to make informed decisions. Her ability to break down intricate concepts into understandable terms has proven to be invaluable to her clients.

“FNIC leads with trust”, says Stephanie Diaz de Leon, “Trust is the foundation to building meaningful relationships, and is key for working collaboratively with every client.”

Joey Mumaugh, Vagas Mathiesen, and Stephanie Diaz de Leon are passionate about supporting their clients with a high-level strategy that meets their objectives. Their strategic vision and innovative approach will play a central role in FNIC's future endeavors and expansion plans.

"We are excited to welcome Joey Mumaugh, Vagas Mathiesen and Stephanie Diaz de Leon to the FNIC team," said Amy Argo, Chief Sales Officer at FNIC. "Their exceptional qualifications and proven leadership will strengthen our ability to deliver innovative results for our clients and achieve our growth goals."