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Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Drones, we know them all! Are you a professional or a hobbyist? Novice or experienced? No two pilots are the same, nor are their drones! We’ll get to know you because your coverage should be specific to your operation.  

Do I need drone insurance?

It depends (we know, a typical insurance answer), so here are a few things to consider:

Insurance coverage may be required by a local government or to acquire a local permit, it is good idea to check with your Department of Transportation or other local authority before flying. It may also be required by a company you work for or as a vendor.

Even if coverage isn’t required the two primary types of drone insurance provide protection for liability and physical damage.

Drone Liability Insurance: A liability policy protects you from claims arising out of the legal liability to others. For example, if your drone crashes into a building and causes damage or injury

Hull Insurance: This insurance protects your actual drone in the event of damage.

Policies are unique and this is a general description, please refer to your policy for complete coverage terms and conditions.

Are you a member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA)?

Since 2017 we’ve partnered with the AMA and Starr Companies to offer AMA members insurance coverage for the commercial use of drones.


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