FIG Transformation


Benefits of the Transformation

Benefits of the Transformation

Why is this FIG transformation project good for the company? 

First Insurance Group has performed well over many years as a decentralized model of independent agencies. Moving to a centralized operating model will allow our organization to focus on utilizing talent across the various locations, a renewed focus on organic sales growth in the communities we operate in and greater efficiencies in our processes.  

Why is this FIG transformation project good for me? 

Our hope is that no matter where you sit in the organization, the transformation will instill sense of pride in what our work does in all the communities we represent. This project will help employees by providing greater support, training and opportunities for growth. Our goal is to unite the company under one common purpose while retaining the uniqueness of each individual office location. 

Client Communication

How do I talk about the transformation with my clients? 

At the core of each of our agencies, the values remain consistent. We aim to support the communities and community members where we are located through integrity, collaboration and commitment. What we're called might change but those values won't. We will  provide communication tools and templates for all team members in preparation for the rebrand. More to come! 

Tools & Resources

Our New Name

What is our new company name?  

As part of the FIG Transformation project, our company will come together behind one brand as First National Insurance Co. Daake Design Group has been the Project Team's partner for the rebranding process. The transition work from local brands to this new brand will happen over a period of time depending on location.

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Leadership & Management

What will the new organization structure look like? 

The goal of our updated organizational chart is to be streamlined and provide efficient leadership for our company. Sales staff will continue to report to a Community Leader and Community Leaders will report to a State Director as they have before. Service staff will now report up through an operations manager who will report to a service leader.  Also, as part of this transformation we will be asking Danielle Pohlmeier and Kim Howard to be process owners for the AMS360 agencies in Commercial Lines and Personal Lines processes. Danielle and Kim will lead collaborative cross-functional teams to manage these processes over time.  

Jobs & Benefits

Is my job going to change?

One of the primary goals of this transformation project is to focus our work around the strengths of our employees and remove the barriers that prevent you from doing your work efficiently and effectively. While the processes to do your job may change over time, initially what you do on a day-to-day basis after January 1st will be very similar to what you did prior to this change. The agency management systems that each location utilize won't change. We'll continue to update the company on process and system changes before they occur.

Will I report to a new manager? 

As an outcome of the transformation project, there will be employees who receive a new manager. Your current direct manager will have a conversation with you about who you will now report to and will facilitate introductions between you and your new manager.

How will my benefits be impacted? 

There are many differences to employee benefit packages and offerings based on agency location. We have done a significant amount of work to move our employees towards a consistent benefit package including making the enterprise benefit plans standard for all First Insurance Group employees in 2021. Our agencies plan to continue to participate in the Enterprise Benefit Plan (Health, Dental, Vision, FSA, HSA and EAP). Changes and updates to that plan are made at the organization level.  

1/1 Benefit Changes

Firstline Insurance Services

There will be no change to your medical, dental, vision, FSA/HSA or LTD plans. Beginning on 1/1/2021, employees will be moved to First Insurance Group's basic and voluntary life plans. In December, employees will be provided with additional information on these plans and the option to enroll in voluntary life. Beginning on 1/1/2021, employees will be enrolled in First Insurance Group's employer-paid Short Term Disability plan.

First Insurance Group

No changes.

The Harry A. Koch Co.

Moving to the enterprise benefit plan effective 1/1/2021.

7/1/2021 Changes 

Open enrollment for Life and Disability Plans 

Will my pay change? 

Sales - Firstline Insurance Services & First Insurance Group

In 2021, we will move to a consistent commission structure for all sales employees in the agency. This structure allows for two roles within the sales team; Sales Executive and Sales Associate. Sales Executives will have new business goals each year to be achieved for the agency and Sales Associates are tasked with writing referral business through their local office, retention and cross sell of an existing book of business. Your Community Leader and State Director will review the commission plans with you individually and will set your draw for 2021. During the year of 2021, accounts will be assigned consistently by producer in the agency management system.

Sales - The Harry A. Koch Co.

No change in commission structure or bonus plans.

Service & Support - All

There will be no changes in 2021 to how support and service staff are paid. Current managers will finish their normal performance evaluation and merit increase process for their locations in 2021 for 2020 performance. In 2022, all support and service staff will participate in one performance management process for merit increases and reviews for 2021.

Common Payroll Calendar 

The organization will move to a common payroll calendar in July 2021. Human Resources and Accounting will be timely in providing employees with what they can expect in their payroll changes 

What will happen to my PTO/Vacation time? 

In January of 2021, each agency will implement a PTO accrual cap of your annual accrual plus two weeks.  Any additional PTO accrual or policy changes won’t take effect until July 2021 when the company will move to a standardized PTO policy for all employees.  

Full Time Employees 

Years of Service  


0-4 years 


4-9 years 


10-24 years 




Part Time Employees 

Beginning July 1st, Part-time employees will accrue PTO based on hours worked. 

Will our holidays change? 

We will still continue to observe ten holidays as an organization. Each local office will be able to set their own holiday schedule.  

Will my office stay open? 

There are no plans to close any offices as part of the FIG transformation project. 

Will I have to move offices? 

There are currently no plans to move office locations for employees. Working together as one company may allow us to service customers across locations.  

How do I address any of my concerns about these changes? 

We would encourage you to have conversations with your manager about any of your concerns. We understand that you may have many questions over the next year and we will address those as they come up. 

Will our employment policies change?  

Our locations have adhered to different handbooks over the years which have largely been similar in nature. Employees should expect slight changes to their existing policies when we movto one employee handbook for the company on January 1st  

Will my schedule change?  

Beginning in July 2021, agency offices will begin to observe a 37.5 hour work week. For hourly employees who are transitioning from a traditional 40 hour workweek to 37.5 hour work week can expect their hourly rate to be adjusted so that no annual income is lost because of the schedule changeAll full-time employees will be expected to work a 7.5 hour workday.  

Will my pay be affected?  

No, your pay will be calculated at a rate of 40 hours a week and it will remain calculated at that rate.     

How will this impact overtime calculation? 

When you work over 37.5 and under 40 hours, you will receive straight time paid at your regular rate. If you work over 40 hours, you will be paid time and a half for overtime. All overtime will still require your manager’s approval.  


First Insurance Group & The Harry A. Koch Co.

Current licenses do not need changes. Also, the current process for renewals remains the same.

Firstline Insurance Services

Licensed employees will need to update their business address and any agency license affiliations. These employees will receive communication on the steps to take to make these updates.