At The Harry A. Koch Co. we are proud of our history, providing risk management services to Nebraska's agriculture and livestock industry, a staple of our home state's economy and identity. We are now pleased to provide a joint venture with Nebraska Cattlemen, the NCIG (Nebraska Cattlemen Insurance Group) as a way to provide Nebraska's beef producers with risk management and insurance service.

What We Do

We Manage Risk with You

We analyze, plan, and execute a risk management strategy that allows you to focus on your cattle operation. We know the process, we know the right questions to ask, and we know how to find the solutions you are looking for. 

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Making Insurance Personable

"Our family operation was previously insured by multiple agencies to cover our homes, cattle, farming and trucking entities.  The professional and knowledgeable staff at Harry A. Koch Company took the time to really get to know our operation and listen to our insurance needs.  They were able to combine and simplify our insurance, giving us better coverage and a substantial savings on premiums." --Ken & Kelli Real

Meet Our Team

We have experience working with agricultural businesses and ranches just like yours and we would be privileged to collaborate with you. We have offices located throughout Nebraska.


Al Cramer

Al Cramer

Sales Executive, Commercial Insurance & Vice President


Jeff Scanlan

Jeff Scanlan

Sales Executive, Commercial Insurance & Sr. Vice President


Jim Olafson

Jim Olafson

Sales Associate & First Vice President


Scott Morris

Scott Morris

Sales Executive, Benefits & Sr. Vice President


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