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Why Work With an Agent?

We understand that in times of struggle, whether it be damages to your property or loss of a loved one, navigating through complex claims decisions can be difficult and time-consuming. That is why our team of seasoned insurance professionals are here to help you make the right decisions that correspond with your unique situation. 

Our promise:

  • Professional and timely service
  • Follow through and communication throughout the claims process
  • Assistance with the negotiation of complex claims
  • Assistance with the negotiation of a fair settlement
  • Offer comprehensive Loss Control and Prevention Training

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What to Do in an Accident

  • Assess your surroundings. Observe any injuries and be aware of your
    location. You need to be able to give the paramedics or authorities as accurate information as possible.
  • Call the authorities. Call 911 and inform them of the situation if it is on public property regardless of the size. If you are not sure if the property is public, it is better to be safe than sorry.
  • Move to the shoulder. Moving the accident as far away from the flow
    of traffic is not only a safety precaution, but it allows other people to continue about their driving.
  • Take pictures. Taking pictures of the accident is helpful to prove damages and protect yourself against false claims. Both parties should take pictures of the accident regardless of fault.
  • Exchange information with the other party. You need to collect their
    insurance information, personal/work phone number, address, driver’s license number, and license plate number.
  • Remain calm! Keep a calm attitude throughout the process. Frustration will settle in, but it is helpful for all parties involved to remain calm to avoid further conflict.
  • Limit the amount of conversation with the other party. Do not
    admit fault during an accident. Ask if they are okay, and then ask for
    their information.
  • Call your Account Manager. Your Account Manager must be notified when you are in an accident. They can answer any questions you may have. If you do not know your Account Manager’s extension, call The Koch Co.’s direct line at: 402-861-7000.

What to Do if You Have a Claim

If you have discussed your options with our team, the first step to submitting a claim is to call your insurance company. They will assess your situation and gather the correct facts needed to settle the claim. If you have questions about this process, we are available as your claims advocate.

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