Jim OlafsonCIC, AAI

Jim Olafson

Sales Executive

Jim joined The Harry A. Koch Co. in 1993 and had a stellar twenty-year career. In 2013, Jim had the opportunity to start and manage an insurance branch for a large bank in the Denver metro area. He enjoyed the experience and success of the new branch, but in 2016 Jim and his wife, Michelle, decided to return to Omaha to be close to family and friends. 

After his move back, Jim returned to The Harry A. Koch Co. to perform two roles for the company; Sales Executive and FNB Liaison. As Sales Executive, Jim provides professional risk management assistance to his commercial clients in the transportation, agriculture, and industrial industries. As The Koch Co.’s FNB Liaison Jim works with The Koch Co.’s parent company, First National Bank of Omaha, and the First Insurance Group agencies to create and maintain a collaborative relationship between all groups.

During his time away from the office, Jim enjoys spending time with his wife Michelle. They have one daughter, Allison, who is also here in Omaha. Jim enjoys hiking, biking and historical research.